Samos & Karlovassi

Karlovassi is a small and beautiful town on the western side of Samos.

It is an ideal destination since its geographical position gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the lush mountains and the Aegean Sea at the same time.

On the wild slopes of Mount Kerkis, with its magnificent vegetation, you can go hiking or climbing. The nearby beaches are clean and organized.

At the port of Karlovassi, there are several cafes and restaurants serving local delicacies, traditional island food, fresh fish, seafood and appetizers. There you can enjoy your Samian ouzo, overlooking the sea.

In the center of Karlovassi, the local market is ideal for your everyday shopping, souvenirs and traditional products such as Samian olive oil and soap.

Your holidays can be enriched by visits to nearby villages, characterized by their cobblestoned streets, small cafes, pottery workshops and soap factories.